Second row, far right is my seat. 


University of Alaska Anchorage (Current)
Anchorage, AK

Non-degree seeking student, GPA: 4.0, Dean's List

Going back to school as a "mature student" was much harder than I expected, but also incredibly rewarding. This time around school wasn't something I took for granted - it was something I worked for. 


Hastings College (2012)
Hastings, NE

Media Production: Advertising and Public Relations
   Emphasis in Marketing
Studio Art: 2D Design
   Emphasis: Graphic Design

High Honors, Honors, GPA: 3.93
Who's Who
Student Librarian
Radio Personality
Media Scholarship Recipient
Student Government Senator
The Collegian - Design Manager
Hastings College Media Advertising Director

When applying to colleges all I knew is I wanted an adventure. Growing up in a San Diego, population 1.2 million, that meant moving to the midwest to Hastings, NE, population 25,000.  People thought I was crazy, but I loved my time in the midwest. People really are friendly. Family really is a priority. I moved there not knowing a soul and left with friends I consider family.


Crawford High School (2007)
San Diego, CA

Valedictorian, GPA: 4.32
Yearbook Editor-in-chief
Student Body Secretary
Class Vice President
Varsity Athlete x2

An advisor once told me to take high school off my resume. I have, but I still put it here because my high school wasn't like other high schools.  When I was at Crawford it was the most diverse school in the US with 50+ ethnicities, 73+ languages spoken. I didn't just receive a diploma from Crawford, I received an education in world affairs, multiculturalism and empathy. Because of my time at at inner-city schools I learned that color and race are things to be celebrated, not to be scared of.  I learned I what it really meant to work hard and appreciate the things my parents provided for me. This foundation set me up for a lifetime of hard work and appreciation.