A lot of what I've learned has happened outside of the workplace, but some has happened inside too.


ANTHC, Marketing Specialist, Graphic Designer

  • Creates health-related marketing campaigns, graphic installations and collateral for diverse audiences ranging from international ambassadors and legislators to English as a second language Native Alaskans.
  • Coordinates events including the World Indigenous People’s Conference on Viral Hepatitis and the Alaska Burn Symposium resulting in a combined 1000+ attendance. 
  • Manages internal project management and approval system allowing for increased communication and project tracking. Tracking resulted in funding for new positions. Trained and educated over 15 coworkers and new hires.
  • Created campaign theme and collateral for HANF's, the non-profit arm of ANTHC, Educational and Development Center's Capital Campaign which, to date, has raised $6.2 million.

Spawn Ideas, Production Assistant

  • Managed multiple print and material vendor relationships, conveying all time line, delivery, and budget concerns. Identified opportunities through research and negotiation that resulted in savings of thousands of dollars for a client.
  • Coordinated commercial shoots, talent database, shoot budgets, and copyright materials. 
  • Maintained and educated coworkers on electronic client and internal approval system allowing for a more efficient proofing system.
  • Collaborated with a cross-department team to edited create three winning RFPs, bringing in almost $100,000 in new business. 

The Alaska Club, Graphic Designer

  • Maintained brand reputation and continuity through information organization and graphic creation. 
  • Coordinated network-wide group fitness and aquatics scheduling of 400+ classes.
  • Established systems to support an open communication environment resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

City Farmers Nursery, Advertising Coordinator 

  • Create and maintain online brand identity and reputation via custom website and consistent social media presence.
  • Organize and write a monthly newsletter to 4,000+ subscribers.
  • Plan, organize and manage a blog and marketing calendar for the marketing team. 


Energy Pioneer Solutions, Graphic Designer + Acting Marketing Director

  • Developed marketing materials and long-term marketing plans for an audience of 100,000+ which helped result in expansion to 12 new cities and two new states. Spent two months as acting marketing director. 
  • Maintained Energy Pioneer's online presence through social media outlets and EnergyPioneerSolutions.com. Created and directed the Energy Pioneer blog and organized a staff of four writers and multiple guests. Formulated long-term content calendar and premium content.
  • Created and maintained internal communication documents for a staff of 50 in seven different locations.
  • Manager of the radon department, a subsidiary of Energy Pioneer. Organized and lead a team of five to service over 175 homes in less than a year, operating at profit in eight months. 


Perkins Library, Event Coordinator

  •  Event coordination for upwards of 75 attendees
  •  Winner of the 2009 National For Dummies competition
  •  Assisted professors and students with specialized research
  •  Interim interlibrary loan librarian and trained new hire