Barbershops - More than a haircut

Just read this article about how barbershops are measuring people's blood pressure and pointing them in the right direction if they measure high.  Way to meet people where they're at! I read an article a couple years ago about how a barber took classes because he was also a therapist. People would talk to him while he cut their hair, and he wanted to make sure he gave them the right advice.

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Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy - Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant

“I am more vulnerable than I thought, but much stronger than I ever imagined.” Sheryl Sandberg

Grief is tough. It's something that everyone goes through but no one truly understands. I facilitate grief groups and people always remark about how hard that must be. It's not hard for me; it's hard for them. My job is to provide a safe space; that's easy. The hard part is articulating how you feel. Trying to connect with other grievers even though sometimes you feel like you're speaking a different language.  It's a great support group, but it's a group no one ever wants to be a part of.

One of the hardest parts about grief is the fact that life goes on. Dishes to be done. Jobs resume. I think that's why I love this book. It's realistic. 


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I grew up in a cluttered house. I owned a lot of stuff.  My parents owned a lot of stuff.  My maternal grandfather knew his way around the garage sale circuit.  It wasn't until I moved to Nebraska and moved 14 times in five years that I realized how quickly I accumulated stuff! Amazing! It wasn't until I read "Clutter is unmade decisions" that it really struck me. I didn't need all the piles and momentos.  I had myself and that was enough.