Barbershops - More than a haircut

Just read this article about how barbershops are measuring people's blood pressure and pointing them in the right direction if they measure high.  Way to meet people where they're at! I read an article a couple years ago about how a barber took classes because he was also a therapist. People would talk to him while he cut their hair, and he wanted to make sure he gave them the right advice.  When did the haircutting cape become a superhero cape? What I love about this is taking something we already use and making it better. When I worked at The Alaska Club I proposed a total health club - a place where members could go for not only yoga but to meet with a therapist; nutritionist, etc.  The idea didn't take, but how great would it be to go work on your issues for 45 minutes and then have a half hour of yoga to think it through and stretch it out. Maybe in an ideal world... but there's something about meeting people where they're at and making it easy for them to take care of themselves.  Not sure what that'll look like it my future, but I've got some ideas and I'm excited to put them out there.