We're your right hand, your getaway car, the Robin to your Batman... whatever it takes to help you kick butt and save the day!  Save the day from what?  Bad design. Broken websites. You name it.

We're based out of Anchorage, AK but we've successfully worked with clients from New Jersey, Nebraska, California, and Texas- just to name a few.  But, don't take our word for it- see what they have to say below: 

I’m proud to present my website as a tool and resource for my clients. Thanks to this, I’ve been able to engage more clients and generate a lot of business
— Kris Vrooman, Innovative Grant Services
We are always confident in Sidekick’s dedication to our projects. We know when we’re thinking about it, Sara is thinking about it. It’s the think time coupled with a mutual dedication that creates our uniqueness and let’s our brand show through.
— Jed Kautz, A Midsummer Night's Trail Run
Every time I work with Sidekick Creative Co, they always surprises me with a better product than I ever imagined. Their work is unique and absolutely stunning!
— Nathan M., Doctoral Student
Everything Sara and her team does is amazing
— Sara's Dad
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Why Sidekick?  Growing up with a brother and sister our founder, Sara, was the best sidekick and partner in crime. Always ready to lend a hand or create a distraction! This has transitioned into being a loyal #2 and delighting in watching others shine.  When she's not busy writing about herself in third person, Sara loves to read, practice the trapeze, and watch superhero movies. She also enjoys helping out her family's business. Questions or comments?  Send us a secret message below!  (Thanks for reading the entire page.  You deserve a gold star!)